So a little (lot) about me and why this is a business I am so passionate about….

From as young as I can remember weekends, evenings, before/after school involved my poor mum dashing around the country to mine (or my sisters) various sporting events. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that was a huge supporter of my love of sport and in typical Sinead style I had to favour arguably the most expensive one – Eventing!

I was fortunate enough to have had a fantastic support team, competing and owning my little superstar TB Bugsy – where we begun our Eventing debut together going up to Pre-Novice before sadly having to make the decision to sell him to go off to University. I had no idea what I was going to study (honestly I wanted to stay horsing around), but with wise words from Papa McGill I stumbled across a Sport & Exercise degree (which to my parents delight I actually took interest in and studied for …breakthrough as 6th form wasn’t my favourite place in the world) and graduated 2014 with a first class degree.

Why PT?
During my time at Uni I developed a new found fun in training, not for any particular sport (freshers and uni lifestyle was far too exciting to commit to anything) but going with friends to the gym and helping friends who weren’t so active get active and enjoy it gave me a real buzz. However, it was only when one of them said to me ‘Have you ever thought of becoming a PT?’ that the job idea dawned on me and so long story short November 2014 I became qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

I worked as a PT for almost 3 years and I I really loved my job. Seeing peoples lives change, not just using the gym to get the 6 pack abs or lose weight but changing their mindset enjoying exercise and eating well because they wanted to nourish their body (don’t worry I didn’t totally brainwash them, chocolate and ice-cream are still very much allowed!) but finding their own ‘balance’ and the awesome feedback from clients was incredible!

So why leave?
Since way before Uni I had always wanted to go travelling and see the world but due to either horse commitments or lack of funds it wasn’t really a viable option (though I did manage to fit in seeing a large amount of Europe’s nightlife – probably explain the lack of funds!). But now after several successful years of PT it was something I was still itching to do and financially viable, but leaving a job I loved with awesome clients and a successful business – was it a stupid move?! As a close friend said to me at the time ‘why not, you are at a time in your life with very little tying you here (no mortgage, kids etc) and you can always come back and start a business again – travelling is a once in a lifetime experience you won’t forget!’ and how right he was!

So flights were booked and I was off to Australia for a year! I did a mix of work and travel and missing my horsey roots worked as a polo groom in the few months just before I was due to return home. Although completely different to the Eventing world I was used to it certainly made me miss the horsey world and got the bogs turning as to what I wanted to do/where I was going to live when I returned home. After a stint living and working in London when I first returned which was so much fun but it was further confirmed, the countryside is where I belong and time to get back to my roots!

Decision time..
So nearing the end of this lengthy essay (if you made it this far thank you!) – I returned to Oxfordshire January 2018 with the decision – go back to working in a gym or pursue my dream career combining two of my biggest passions – this is when SCM Performance was born.

SCM Performance AKA Strength, Co-ordination & Mobility Training for Performance draws on my knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics with that of the physical demands of the equestrian athlete (we all have those non-horsey friends that still believe we just sit and look pretty) to help develop and improve a riders seat through use of specific training exercises and tailor made programs to positively impact both horse and riders performance and wellbeing.

Apologies again for the essay of a story but I hope this has highlighted why this is something I am so passionate about and an idea of my training style – I like to make things fun and informative after all we ride because we enjoy it and whilst improving and reaching goals is of huge priority so is making it enjoyable and something you will stick with after all when was the last time you continued with something you hated?* (*jobs don’t count and they do afford you your beautiful 4 legged friend!)

Thanks for reading and look forward to working with you soon!
Sinead x

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